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Service-Learning Subjects on Offer

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Service-Learning Subjects on Offer in Semester 1, 2017-18
Subject Code Subject Title Hosting Department Subject Leader Subject Information
ABCT2S01 Educating Rural Farmers on Healthier Food Production ABCT Gilbert Chan pdf
AMA3S01 Quantitative Methods for Community Service AMA Heung Wong pdf
APSS2S04 Understanding Children in Poverty in Hong Kong APSS Chi-yuen Leung pdf
APSS2S05 Promotion of Children and Adolescent Development APSS Li Lin pdf
APSS2S07 You can Make a Difference to our Planet APSS Amy Ho pdf
APSS2S09 Service Leadership through Serving Children and Families with Special Needs APSS Cecilia Ma pdf
APSS3S01 Community Psychology APSS Kevin Chan pdf
APSS3S02 Engaging with Diversity APSS David Ip pdf
BME3S02 Assistive Technologies: Service learning towards the elderly and disabled BME Eric Tam pdf
CBS3S01 Service Learning through Helping Primary Students with Specific Reading Difficulties CBS Leung Man Tak pdf
CBS3S04 Enhancing Biliteracy & Trilingualism through Language Service CBS Shui-duen Chan pdf
CC2S01P Appreciating and Applying Chinese Literary Masterpieces in Modern Daily Life CC Shuk-man Leung pdf
COMP2S01S Technology Beyond Borders: Service Learning across Cultural, Ethnic and Community Lines COMP Grace Ngai pdf
EIE3S01 Serving People with Special Needs through Assistive Technologies EIE C.K. Leung pdf
ELC2S02 Serving the Community through Teaching English ELC Anna Ho pdf
ENGL2S01 Language Arts for Creative Community Projects ENGL Marvin Lam pdf
ENGL3018 Teaching English as a Service Learning Experience ENGL Victor Ho pdf
ITC2S01 Engaging Fashion as a Communication Media for the Needy ITC Patrick Hui pdf
LSGI2S02 Navigating Ethnic Minorities LSGI Joseph Lam pdf
LSGI2S03 Land and Resource Management for Sustainable Development in Rural Area LSGI Joseph Lam pdf
ME3S01 Engineering Design for the Community ME Chun-wah Leung pdf
RS2S02 Inter-professional Health Promotion & Rehabilitation Services in Hong Kong RS Grace Szeto pdf
RS4280 Enabling Occupation: Home and Community Practice RS Tony Wong pdf
SN2S01 Collaborative Care in School Health and Safety SN Cynthia Wu pdf
SO2S01 Learning through Providing Eye Care and Vision Health to the Community SO Henry Chan
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