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為了進一步發揚「實踐所學 貢獻社會」的精神,理大自2012/13學年起把「服務學習」納入四年制本科學位課程,成為學分必修科。「服務學習」的特點是把社會服務和自我反思融入於本科學習中,藉以豐富學生的學習體驗,讓他們運用學科的專業知識和技能,服務有需要人士。


日期:2014年11月21日至23日 (星期五至日)


“PolyU Serves” Showcase

With a vision to creating greater impact on both students and society, PolyU has incorporated Service-Learning into its four-year undergraduate curriculum as a mandatory credit-bearing requirement for all full-time undergraduate students from 2012/13 onwards. The uniqueness of Service-Learning lies in the integration of academic study with community service and reflection to enrich students’ learning experience and provide opportunities for students to serve the needy with their subject knowledge and skills.

PolyU will be staging a “PolyU Serves” Showcase from 21 to 23 November on campus to highlight the University’s dedicated efforts and accomplishments in Service-Learning. The Showcase will feature a project exhibition on four main themes: “Education and Technology”, “Environment Improvement and Sustainable Development”, “Health and Wellness” and “Social Integration” with on-site demonstrations, games & workshops, students’ sharing and direct services. Taking this opportunity, our alumni, students and the community will learn more about Service-Learning at PolyU.

Date: 21-23 November 2014 (Friday to Sunday)

Venue: CD/CF/DE/EF/FJ Podium